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Book Of Sequences Pro: Chapters 1-5
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'Book Of Sequences Pro: Chapters 1-5'

is a bank of 440 sequences for Rob Papen BLUE Synthesizer created by synth programmer BearNaomh. Please note, you must own BLUE to use these patches.

This first instalment consists of 5 Chapters. Each Chapter contains a bank with 30 patches and all of them are sequences in Simple, Arpeggio and Chord mode. Here is the list:

  • CHAPTER 1: 24 Sequences at 75 BPM in Simple mode and 6 at 75 BPM in Chord mode.

  • CHAPTER 2: 30 Sequences at 100 BPM in Simple mode.

  • CHAPTER 3: 18 Sequences at 120 BPM in Simple mode and 12 at 120 BPM in Arpeggio mode.

  • CHAPTER 4: 30 Sequences at 150 BPM in Simple mode.

  • CHAPTER 5: 22 Sequences at 150 BPM in Chord mode and 8 at 150 BPM in Arpeggio mode.

Some of the patches contain some variations and those can be found in a section called "Appendix A". If a patch has variations, this will be indicated in its "Info" section found in the "Presets" page showing you in which bank of the Appendix you can find them.

The total number of patches in this collection is 440 (150 sequences from the Chapters plus the variations found on the Appendix).

'Book Of Sequences Pro: Chapters 1-5' is perfect for all styles of Dance music from downbeat genres like Ambient and Chillout to upbeat styles like Trance, Techno, House, Hardstyle and more.

Try these sequences with your favourite drum and percussion loops for an instant rush of inspiration!

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