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Max Farenthide: Commercial Dance Vol 1
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'Max Farenthide: Commercial Dance Vol 1' brings you 5 club shaking Construction Kits,

packed full of synth leads, pounding drums, and deep basslines designed to give you the elements you need to create chart smashing, radio ready Dance hits. This multi-format pack also includes MIDI and one-shots.

With over 30,000,000 YouTube plays and an impressive discography of original releases and remixes, DJ Max Farenthide lends his wealth of live and commercial experience to this high energy library.

These 5 loop sets focus on giving your next Dance production commercial appeal, while at the same time catering to underground producers searching for that distinct European vibe.

Bringing together elements of Tech-House, Electro, Minimal and Trance, 'Max Farenthide: Commercial Dance Vol 1' is a highly adaptable library, and comes with all of the professional features you've come to expect from Producer Loops products. Read on to find out more.

About MIDI Files:

For producers demanding MIDI loops, we've got you covered! 'Max Farenthide: Commercial Dance Vol 1' includes powerful, versatile MIDI loops that will give you access to the raw musical data, allowing you to assign your favourite drum and synth sounds to them.

One-Shot Samples:

Over 50 one-shot samples are included across all five kits allowing you to create your own sampler patches to use alongside the included musical content.

These hits cover all of the drum, percussion and FX samples heard throughout the Construction Kits.

Release Loops:

Certain loops include 'Release' or 'Unlooped' versions of the loops, allowing you to end a sustained or heavily effected musical phrases with ease.

Dry versions are also provided so you can add your own FX, as required.

About The Commercial Series:

Taking influence from some of the biggest chart acts around, the 'Commercial Series' from Producer Loops sets out to deliver accessible, radio & club-ready content for your productions.

Being produced to our usual high standard, these packs can be used perfectly well on their own for club mixes, or in combination with other Producer Loops titles.

But combined with a lead vocalist, you've got a recipe for heavy airplay.

Where possible, we provide at least two sections per song, giving you scope to create verses and choruses to give your tracks a professional arrangement.

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