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Progressive & Deep House Melodies
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'Progressive & Deep House Melodies' from Equinox Sounds

is a collection featuring 32 chord progressions and melodies in MIDI, WAV, Apple Loops and REX2 formats for producers of Progressive, Deep House and Electro.

These melodies are 100% royalty-free and ready to be used in your personal and commercial productions.

'Progressive & Deep House Melodies' includes 32 chord progressions and melodies aimed to create Progressive and Deep House but they can also be used for other styles such as Electro, etc.

These ear-catching melodies will make your tunes really stand out from the crowd of current releases and they are supplied in MIDI, WAV, Apple Loops and REX2 formats.

Bonus Loops:

This pack also includes 6 drum and percussion loops, 3 FX loops and 13 loops used to create the MP3 demo as a bonus.

Advantages of MIDI:

As these melodies are supplied in MIDI format, they will provide you with as much flexibility as possible.

You can edit and transpose them, assign any sound you want and get your own and original melodic lines.

The editing possibilities are endless as you can play the performances at any tempo or pitch without artefacts.

You can use these MIDI files as a jumping-off point to start your own track or base your production entirely around them as they are 100% royalty-free.


  • 32 MIDI Chord Progressions & Melodies
  • 32 WAV Chord Progressions & Melodies
  • 32 Apple Loops Chord Progressions & Melodies
  • 32 REX2 Chord Progressions & Melodies
  • 6 Drum & Percussion Loops (WAV/Apple Loops/REX2)
  • 3 FX Loops (WAV/Apple Loops/REX2)
  • 13 Used in Demo Bonus Loops(WAV/Apple Loops)
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