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Tech House for Serum Vol 1
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'Tech House for Serum Vol 1' by Producer Loops

is a killer set of Tech House Presets for Serum with all the right sounds needed to lay down your next four on the floor rolling beat.

With a stellar selection of Tech House basses, leads, plucks, polysynths, FXs, pads and multis, this incredible sound set will start igniting your DAW the second you fire the first MIDI note.

Choose from a large selection of Serum basses ranging from deep cavernous subs to unison rich and morphing deep tones, overdriven acid leads, and resonant plucks and polysynths full of character depth and richness.

With 64 Presets, this pack offers Tech House producers a vast source of inspirational content that will spark your creativity and speed up your workflow.

Product Details:

  • Serum Patches
  • FXP Format
  • 64 Presets
  • 27 Basses
  • 6 FXs
  • 13 Leads
  • 7 Multis
  • 1 Pad
  • 6 Plucks
  • 4 Polysynths
  • PC/Mac Compatible
  • Requires Serum
  • 100% Royalty-Free
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